The Best World Travlel Map

The Travel Map is located at this link.

The YouTube Channel is located at this link.

The Travel Photos are located at this link. 

The Free Pointless Traveler World Travel Map is massive and shows every travel destination, vacation spot and famous hiking trail in the world. It can be viewed on a phone or tablet without any WIFI or data plan. 

The downloads on this website are KML files created with Google Earth and work best on the iPhone with the Galileo Offline Maps App. 

This is an OFFLINE MAP. What that means is that the whole thing is saved onto the phone. The app doesn't use internet or a dataplan and is great for travelers who are away from home with no phone service or WIFI. 

  • Download the Galileo Offline Maps App onto an iPhone or iPad.
  • Then touch the link on to download the Travel Map and Drop Box will open.
  • Wait for Drop Box to to say TRAVEL&TRAIL.kml. 
  • It will ask to open the map in Google Earth. 
  • Touch where it says Moore...
  • Then touch where it says, "Import with Galileo." 
  • It may take a moment, but the file will open in the Galileo App. 
  • Touch, "Save to one collection." 
  • In Galileo, touch the Settings Button on the bottom right and turn on, "Show Boomkmark Name."
  • Then go into the iPhone Settings and scroll down to Galileo and turn off, "Cluster Bookmarks." 

The Galileo App has a small blue arrow that will indicate the traveler's exact location without any data plan or wifi; even when the phone is in airplane mode. It's awesome for backpackers who are stuck in a cab headed the wrong way because they can see it on their phone. Galileo also has tons of trails and the little blue arrow will show hikers exactly where they are so they don't get lost.  


WARNING: USE THIS DOWNLOAD AT YOUR OWN RISK. There are plenty of dangerous adventures featured on the Pointless Traveler map. For instance there are hundreds of points on the map that show people where they might be able to sleep in a sleeping bag outside; they're marked as, "z," so that that they appear together at the bottom of the list when people view the points in alphabetical order. I do not guarantee that sleeping in a sleeping bag on the beach or on the outskirts of town is safe. I won’t take responsibility for anyone hurt who used this website. Homeless people who desperately need a new tent; as well as cops who want tourists to spend money; both pose very real hazards to travelers who try to sleep outside for free. STEALTH CAMPING ADVICE: Don’t camp near a school, playground or parking lot. Don’t carry a knife or a gun or anything that cops will think is a weapon during a frisk. Don’t get naked or go to the bathroom in front of anybody. Don’t vandalize any property or leave trash behind. Don't interact with any homeless people or touch any of their belongings. Secure anything illegal, like alcohol, inside a zippered pocket. Always carry I.D. 

It's also smart to use a ground cloth and mosquito netting. Try not to let your skin touch the dirt and try to prevent animals or pickpockets from touching you while you're asleep.    

The one other issue with this map is that some of the information is either outdated or listed more than once. All of the points of interest on this map were gathered from free online resources. None of the information was stolen from a paid site like Lonely Planet etc. Unfortunately, a lot of the free information on the internet is old and the places simply don't exist anymore. Or, the place was added two or three times by accident since the research was done for several months.


The CAMPGROUNDS DOWNLOAD is located at this link. I have ready, a CAMPGROUNDS DOWNLOAD with enough points to block the Earth. It more or less has every campground in the world and is intended for travelers who are going to exclusively stay at campgrounds. I don't recommend using this download in the Galileo Maps App along with the travel map. There are so many campgrounds in this download that they make the map difficult to use. My advice is to open the campground download in the MAPS.ME App. 

MAPS.ME will show travelers their location, even without a data plan or wifi; campers can then choose a campground that is close to their location. That same campground will most likely be listed on Galileo Maps; the user can find the campground that they see on MAPS.ME and drop a new pin on that campground in Galileo Maps; instead of having thousands of extra campgrounds on their map that they don't need. 

MAPS.ME has a few great features that are different from Galileo. It only uses little red pins, which are nice because they don't block the map. It also has a great city guide and is the easiest way for people to find the, "Forever 21," store when they visit Manhattan. However, Galileo shows where all the bars and ATMs are, which MAPS.ME doesn't; and that's what a lot of travelers really need to know; "Where's the beer and the ATM?"